Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello everyone!

Hi, My name is Katja or Katjuha... I was born in Russia and continue to live here. I open the blog because i like to draw and i want to show you my artwork. To tell the truth, i'm not an artist, but i really want to draw better and better. Maybe it's not my talent. But i love it... I like to draw in photoshop and paint or in colour pencils. But i haven't graphic tablet. And i prefer the pencils...

And my English is terrible... I'm sorry for that...

For the beginning i want to show you some works in a pencil. I hope that you like it.


  1. Very very nice! Love the expression of the bird!!

  2. Thank you... It's very pleasant to me, that you like it!

  3. Hehe! What a sweet "litle" birdie!

    Francisco Martins

  4. :) I'm very glad that you like it!